Dave McClure: “That’s why Facebook is going to dominate the Web.”

Left: Ironic Dave with his Ironic Shirt: “Viral Marketing doesn’t work, tell everyone you know”

Dave’s doing his usual rant, if it’s not Yahoo, Google, MySpace it’s something. This time he’s ranting on how Kottke is wrong — Facebook isn’t AOL; it’s Visual Basic.

Why is everyone so facinated by Facebook? As it’s a platform that developed so quickly and is taking a lot of headway, my network has exploded over there in the past few weeks, getting more and more friend requests.

You can add me to your network, add my Facebook account.

Want to voice your opinion on the direction of Facebook? I created a Facebook User group, leave feedback and provide you customer wishlist.

  • Brad

    I spent an hour on facebook because i heard it was good for professionals. I must have seen 100 profiles but not one of them was of a profesisonals. They were however 21-25 year olds doing jello shots of each others abs. I thought maybe the widgets and aps are for profesionals so I looked there…no all the widgets and aps are for entertainment. I thought maybe the site offers industry news…no none of that. Well then maybe the site has a way of introduing you to folks by industry…strike 4, no way to find folks by industry. So what again about facebook is for profesisonals and why would I go there? try, linkedin, congoo.com, or zillow if you are a realtor.

  • Find my profile, then add the groups that I’m part of, or groups that I created.

    The Web Strategy group is proving to be a high caliabar of individual

  • I think it’s a very robust content manager. I am not sure if it’s more than that yet. The buzz may be the sudden rise, but I still think LinkedIn’s got an opportunity to take the business users’ mindshare IF they significantly improve the platform.

    All in all, I think it’s much ado about nothing, other than a great way to keep track of people important to you, as well as creating a place for people to find you. You just have to have a page, though,. Not having one is an error. It really does not require much time, and all in all probably impacts content creators in a relatively minor way.

  • Hello, I am a great fan of Facebook and just over 37. I registered a few months ago when I discovered it was becoming much more than a student stuff (all my students are on it … and we are in France ;-). With such a user base (over 30 million) and stickiness (greatly enhanced by its “openness” to external developers) it has the potential to become something quite different. I am constantly looking at the new apps that get created and am waiting for some major companies to join and develop CRM or recruitment tools … Any examples we should post in the group you created. Thanks for the opportunity,

    Amaury (Paris, France)