Stay up to date with the Internet Marketing Industry: Marketing Pilgrim launches live show

Above Video: Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim (popular website on Search Marketing) covers this week’s search beat.

I’m watching Andy Beal’s live show that he recorded live a few hours ago with Ustream, I was particularly glad when I saw he was going to do this, as I’ve been advising Ustream, they know how to reach the top bloggers. If you don’t know who Andy is, he’s pretty influential in the search space, Google and Yahoo employees read his blog.

If you’re short on time, and you want to find out what’s happening in the Internet Marketing space, you can turn on Andy’s show, Marketing Pilgrim Live turn up the volume and multi-task. I asked Andy about his show, and he said it’s:

“Marketing Pilgrim Live: Internet marketing consultant Andy Beal shares his thoughts on the week’s recent internet marketing news. In this week’s show, Andy discusses Facebook, Google’s law suits, web metrics and much more. “

What’s really interesting is that he said he’s giving up podcasting, because now he doesn’t have to edit. He wishes that Ustream would have a timer, to show how long they’ve been broadcasting. He also thinks it’s amazing that there’s 80 people watching Chris Pirillo’s live show, even when he’s doing nothing. He asks “Chris, what do you do when you want to pick your nose?”

Good stuff Andy, I’m really caught up now.

(Update: Other interesting video shows? Check out this wrapup show from Techno Marketer of all things social media and web)

  • Andy’s one of my favorite search pundits, but I still don’t get who has the time to watch all this live video. At least podcasts were more portable. I know this is sacrilege to say on the PodTech evangelist’s blog, but I’ll be sticking with the text blogs. I just hope text bloggers don’t give up this more 2D medium for the video world.

  • David

    It’s an “And” not an “Or”. The savvy media ‘brands’ will use a variety and integrated approach.

    I’m using half a dozen tools to get my message out, from blogs, twitter, facebook, ustream, video blogging, and speaking!

  • @David, there must be something to live streaming that draws us in like moths to a flame. Chris Pirillo’s live stream often has 90+ people just watching him type!

    This is a test for me, but I’m determined to be cool like Jeremiah! 😉

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  • This certainly makes a good point. I’d like to see the response of others on this topic. Makes interesting reading.

  • CedricDwain

    Not all marketing conferences are created equal and from a content perspective, some are much better than others. Last month I attended SMX Social in Long Beach, California; and the content seemed to be more aligned with SEO than Social Media. Nonetheless, there were plenty of really good takeaways from the conference, but the true value for me was networking and meeting others who work in the same space as I do.

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