Happy Birthday to the Dell Blog, from Crawling, Walking, to Running

Congrats to Michael Dell and Lionel Menchaca for leading a year of amazing corporate human blogging for the last year.

They’ve come a long way, and are really a case study of success. When the Dell blog first was launched (in response to all the exploding products on blogs and YouTube) the company was self-promoting and touting –they got blasted hard by the community. After taking that punch, they squared off and came back, but this time listening, and really really listening. They started to enter the conversation, join with the community, invite bloggers to meet Michael Dell himself (see my video, I was there) and they launched IdeaStorm.

Nothing ever went perfect, as Dell had a minor run in with the consumerist, but they picked themselves up and moved on. Much of this praise goes to Lionel Menchaca who’s been a real human over at Dell, showing himself, and even meeting the biggest critic, Jeff Jarvis.

You should know, at the last Social Media workshop, where the top gurus of corporate social media gathered to share with the Fortune 1000, Dell was frequently referred to as a case study from failure to success. It’s NOT easy to get a large corporation to open up, in fact it’s down right scary.

Congrats Dell for being one of the first companies to authentically open and and be transparent, here’s to many other years to come!

What could Dell do next? Evolve that irrelevant corporate website!

If you want to know the whole story, I’m keeping track of most of the saga on this post.