Where do you prefer your data? At home or on the “Web Cloud”

My former CTO, Hu Yoshida at Hitachi Data Systems wrote an interesting post of why he hopes he never has to have a Terabyte of data centralized at his home. I agree.

I’m a web guy, and I want my data out on the cloud (that means in the amorphous web), this means that I can access it whenever, and from wherever, assuming we keep on developing in the mobile space and everywhere else we seem to be plugged into the web.

In addition to utility, there’s the benefit of not having to worry about having a centralized source of data being stolen from your home, or lost during a natural disaster, it should all safely be out on the cloud.

The challenge of course is that data has a few concerns, security, and privacy of all that information on a foreign server. Every time we make advances in technology there are trade offs. In this case, not being sure of where one’s data is, or who is accessing it is always a risk, but I’ll take it.

It’s so interesting to see the intersection of Data Storage and the Web Industry, if you want to learn more about data storage, check out this Data Storage Wiki I created over a year ago.

So write me back, where do you want your data?

1) On the cloud
2) Centralized at home
3) A hybrid of both
4) Don’t care

If you want to talk more about the web cloud, join us in person, Hitachi Data Systems is hosting a Mixer, see you there!

  • Jeremiah, great post. I’ve been a long time lurker, but first time commenter. (Sounds like a radio show call in)

    For me, having my data on the cloud is optimal. However, there are many valid security reasons why this can’t happen to all industries. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having my data flying through the air (pictures, music, documents, etc) but if I worked for a bank, I’d imagine that would never be allowed (at least within the next few years).

    Security is a key driver of this initiative and eventually, we’ll get to the point that this will happen for the business world. Is it in the foreseeable future? No, but certainly down the road.

    It’s going to happen for the consumer first.

  • Jeremiah:

    At this point I’d have to say the hybrid model works best for me. The reason I need to centralize data is one usage model: recording HD content.

    Storage space and speed of access for streaming are two barriers there. Eventually, both factors may be a non-issue, but it’s going to be a while before we get there.

  • I prefer mine on the cloud for the same reasons.

  • Siva Shanker.S

    I would want my data to be a hybrid of both but very important and private data at house and less important data at cloud to make it accesible anywhere. But as youve mentioned security and privacy of my data is the most important.

  • Running Tally

    Cloud = 2
    Hybrid = 2

  • I will go for a hybrid of both. I do understand that net connection will be ubiquitous soon. But I am still not convinced about web alone storage. I know for certain that just the home storage is meaningless in this current era. Hybrid for now. Maybe be just web later.

  • Put me down for hybrid. I put most of my stuff on the net and then ‘backup’ them up locally.

  • I prefer my data at home. But that’s because of the fact that I can reach my data on my server anywhere and any time. But if I didn’t have my own server, I would put my data in the cloud, but this data has to be available online and off-line. I agree with Lionel, speed could be an issue (for me it is an issue) I’m used to high network (1 GB at home and at work) and internet speed( 155 MB at work). One thing people may worry about, is that data undergoing heavy datamining. On the other hand, I don’t care about that.