Widgets, a viable Web Marketing Strategy

In a recent post, I listed out all the Many Forms of Web Marketing. In fact, there are over 40 of them!

I’ve put Widget Marketing in section 5F, under Community Marketing and Social Media. Why are widgets viable? The theory of modern marketing is to join the companies where the currently exist, rather than trying to build your own.

In this great article by Alex from Read Write Web; The Evolution of Web Widgets: From Self-Expression to Media Companies:

“Media companies see widgets as an important new method of reaching audiences both inside and outside their domains. It seems that widgets cover array of tasks ranging from brand propagation to instant transactions and customer tracking. In this post we will take a look at how web widgets have evolved from cool, viral toys of self-expression to important big media tools.”

In fact, Google is offering $100,000 to developers to build widgets, details from this Keynote of Marissa Mayer.

Web Strategies: There’s a few theories that you have to understand before you engage in Widget Marketing:

  • 1) Web Marketing is not limited to two domains only
  • 2) Content is Amorphous
  • 3) Content is Ubiquitous
  • 4) The savvy join communities where they currently reside
  • 5) Many are content publishers, widgets reward them, keeping traffic on their sites, not yours
  • 6) APIs and hooks into multiple widget platforms will be needed
  • 7) Your website is Irrelvant, and must evolve
  • There’s an interesting program by the W3C to standardize widgets. Makes sense.

    • Good post. I like your list. This should keep us busy for a couple years at InfoCream. Interesting times. Some one ought to register wiiiget.com

    • Paris

      Busy is good! Glad this was helpful.

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    • Jeremiah,

      Thanks for your interest in marketing which led you to widgets which led you to WidgetsLab!

      Last year someone said 2007 will be the year of the widget. I think 2007 is just the tip of the widget and what can be done with them. 2007 is over half gone and we have barely scratched the surface of the widget marketing potential.

      I could go on…but this is for comments, not posts.


    • Derek, keep on going on! you’re adding to the conversation, I’m listening.

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    • great post, Jeremiah — I loved the term I saw on Will Price’s blog today — he labeled the widget phemom as “the atomization of the web”…

      whatever you call it, I say it’s definitely the year of the widget!


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    • Widgets can only be viable if they contain all the tools that allow marketeers to add value to users’ every day life. Widgets do this by having in them the technology to tap and reinterpret the networks and data that users use or want to use, or didn’t know they could use, in more useful ways.

      However, a formal standard is still needed that specifies exactly what technologies and security models will enable the successful growth of a widget market across desktop and mobile platforms/markets.

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    • Arsalan Ahmed

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    • Paris

      Busy is good! Glad this was helpful.

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