Google Maps Experimentation: “I see Asian people”

I’m getting a real kick out of the widgets that have been released for Google Maps, one of them lets me find cheap gas prices, find real estate in my area (the most common mashup), show where I’ve been with (lack of city data), and best of all draw and label the maps.

I made this map quickly, of all the places I know that Asian people live, I’m calling it “I see Asian People”. I’d love for this to become dynamic and show users faces, how cool would that be, there is so much opportunity here.

Where Asian People live
Above: Drawing on a Google Map, I saved it as a public map called “I see asian people”

The big question is, where’s Yahoo and MSN’s maps? I know Yahoo has a map developer program, but are they producing this level of a platform?

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  • where’s msn maps? it’s been here for a long while with a great api for it and great licensing terms:

  • Thanks Tim

    Have there been any interesting apps built that we’ve not seen on the other platforms?

  • that sounds like a bait a little bit — are there any apps with mapping that are that different? not really — they all provide geo data/mashups. as an example, here’s a mashup of sex offender data (use 85242 as a zip as it is just a sample). in the end the mapping apps on the web all serve the same purpose — show me geographic representation of information. you can go to to see what some people have been doing in the past (i think the site is stale, not sure if the owner is really updating it much these days)…