List of companies that provide Dynamic or Contextual Online Video Advertising

I’m watching the Online Video space very carefully and with great interest, online video will become a force that drives consumer interaction between TV and the browser. In a previous post, I gave some predictions of where Google and online video was heading and David Berkowitz left a comment suggesting that I take a look at This compelled me to create a list of these types of companies

What’s Dynamic Video advertising? This means they can instantly change a recorded advertisement within a video, such as a pre-roll, post-roll, or other type of advertisement. This provides advertisers the ability to change ads across anywhere that video has been deployed, and also provide contextual ads to specific demographics. This is something TV has never been able to do at this micro level

Companies that provide Dynamic or Contextual Online Video Advertising:

Tremor Media

“Tremor Media provides advertisers with in-banner and in-stream video advertising opportunities on top-tier publisher sites with a combined 75 million unique visitors per month. Tremor provides publishers with a full suite of products and services to monetize streaming video and maximize ROI. Tremor’s full service solution provides the necessary tools for advertisers and publishers to utilize online video advertising as a powerful interactive medium.”

Adap TV

“ is a unique online video advertising service that allows publishers and advertisers to match relevant advertising with online video content. The company uses advanced technology that adapts in real time to consumers’ interests and their viewing behaviors. Working with online publishers and advertisers, enhances the viewing experience and extends advertising opportunities by providing highly targeted, relevant ads alongside video content

“ScanScout dramatically expands online video advertising opportunities and delivers advertising that’s smart, timely and relevant.”

Tacoda (AOL)
TACODA® Audience Networks™, the first and largest behavioral targeting advertising network reaching more than 120 million people across 31 discrete audience segments every month. With our innovative programs, scale and reliability our partners can be confident that their advertising is working efficiently and delivering results.

Other lists you may find helpful: List of companies providing Companies that measure or compare Online Video. If you know of other companies that fit the profile of this list, please leave a comment.