Gleamd a threat to Mahalo and Spock?

I’m seeing Gleamd in a few twitter messages, and I’ve been invited twice in the last 12 hours. What’s gleamd? Its another repository of personal information about people. Here’s their FAQ description

Users write a short biography or find publicly available information on a person they find to be interesting and submit it to gleamd by clicking “add person” on the menu bar. If others also find that person to be interesting, they can vote on it. First they’ll make it to the recently popular que, then the top 3 if they’re really cool!

There’s a point based system for rewards too, apparently, someone thought it would be great to create one for me, Jeremiah Owyang.

Check out my review of Spock (and exclusive interview), and lots of folks are talking about Mahalo.

gleamd for Jeremiah
Above: Screenshot of my gleamd profile, talk about link bait huh?

  • The real threat to these sites would be Facebook.No joke. Spock, however, does have some cool features that you wouldn’t find by going directly to a social network.

  • All those applications should have hooks into Facebook.

  • Zoe Adamovicz

    Jeremiah, do you have an invitation to Gleamd to spare?

    I find those repositories amazing and scary at the same time. Seems that online personal reputation agencies will have lots of work to do…

    Best, Zoe

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    Agreed about the apps on Facebook;-)

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  • Alpha/beta test reviews are nice when they include screenshots.

    I like almost all the many emerging socnets and Web 2.0 tools. I sign up for everything, and distribute invites via Pownce, Jaiku, and Twitter.

    Gleamd is for making pages about Other People, that you are impressed with, you “shed light on” them, but I stupidly made my own page. I only have 4 votes so far. Depressed. Sick. Excuse me.

    Anyway, Gleamd is therefore different from Spock in that sense. Also you vote on people. So Gleamd is like Spock + Digg.

    I like them all. I am trying to get more heavily into my Freebase contributions, and Ning. Yahoo Pipes is quite difficult, and I have yet to hear of one that works well, but we’ll see.

    New Super Bloggers are going multi, micro, mobile. That is the Future Web.

  • Multi media.
    Mobile computing.

    Also local search is going to be big as we migrate from blogs…to micro-blogs…to wearable glogs.

  • Vaspers!

    Wow, I’m glad to see you here, did I steal you from Loren? He’s a good guy.

    If I ever login to Gleamd again I’ll vote for you

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