Updating the Industry Index lists

I like lists. It’s a one of my ways I track new and interesting markets and industries. I’ve created quite a few lists over the passing months, and they continue to help people find new products, and even competitors in their industry.

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What’s really interesting, as in the list of White Label Social Networking companies is how it started with 8 names and grew to 60 in a mere number of months. Also, the list of Social Media Measurement is a good way to see exactly how effective these companies are; they should be responding to that list in near real time right?

I found out from a few sources that some of my lists are actively read by VCs in Silicon Valley. They use it as intelligence to gauge how crowded a market is before plunking down those millions.

The most recent additions? I left a comment in this great post from Techcrunch about online video advertising, linking to the Video Measurement list, as you need measurement before advertising dollars can be spent.

It’s a community thing really, so you can add names to those lists, go to the post and leave a comment!