Liberate your Control Freaks

Great slideshare by Acidlabs, they’ve got a blog too.

This ties in well with my recent post on The challenges that Enterprises will have with Enterprise 2.0. This mindshift is very hard for many folks to adopt. I think it’s somewhat stereotypical that the control freak is an older white male, I know people in many demographics that have a hard time with letting go. Link via Rafael, who focuses on Enterprise 2.0.

  • One thing I’ve learned is that it’s rarely a good idea to attack the people in power when you are trying to change their minds.

  • Yeah good point Dennis. Agreed, Show value, cost savings and revenue.

  • Another one of my interests is storytelling, particularly with powerpoint. I love slideshare – there is excellent content in there. I’m also very keen on organizational change issues as they relate to web2.0 adoption in a nonprofit organizational context. So, I’ve been following content on slideshare that meet all those interests. I’ve found two other slide shows that are just fantastic, particularly one done in comic book style – slide 13 is my favorite.

  • @Dennis – I’m certainly not advocating attacking management in order to drive change. Far from it. I don’t think the deck suggests that… I may be misreading you? Convincing management of the benefits of collaboration in KM efforts is a key gate in the whole processs. There’s actually a slide that says that 🙂

    @Jeremiah – Thanks for the kind words. I’d love to talk more about this. I’m actually presenting a longer, somewhat different version of this deck at an upcoming Web Standards Group meeting in Canberra (Australia) on 26 July and a KM-focussed talk at the Institute for Information Management National Conference ( in August.