The conversation continues “the five stages of blogging”

Wow, I didn’t expect the commentary to continue to go on for so long, but I’m enjoying the discussion on this post about the five stages of blogging. Seth’s making some interesting points, and is really egging on more discussion from the various folks leaving comments, such as Jon and Mark.

Key discussion topics:

Seth has a valid point, not everyone is going to make it to ‘achievement’ stage. But one can only try right?

The other important argument is that achievement can be found in small unique categories, such as “chocolate blogging”

Lastly, others voiced that some bloggers just want to share and learn, and not ‘achieve’ anything resembling “A-list” benefits.

Seth suggests that a lot of blog evangelists are frauds, do you agree? When I asked who he was referring to he didn’t give any names, would an outsider think he was thinking of me?

He could be right, as I’ve been a big factor to some people to blog (like Avinash and Mario Sundar) who are both achieving more in their careers. Avinash is now the Google Analytics evangelist, and Mario is the Community guy at LinkedIn, lastly, I got my job, my blog was a big part of it, read what my CEO said in the first comment.

Most notable, I got the CTO of Hitachi (and a few others) to blog, when I was the Community Manager there, he was one of the first executive bloggers to write from a Japanese company.

Biana shares her blogging strategies for her sites, she believes in the attribute of ‘Focus’.