Top 10 Viral Video Advertisements

Viral videos, the craze of internet advertisers and online media groups. If any agency ever promises you they can deliver this, they’re lying to you, as the elements need to be just right. I’m a big believer in community marketing as opposed to ‘viral marketing’ I’d rather build a thriving communigy of customers, users, partners, and employees than risk all my resources on the potential to get a one hit wonder. In any case, here’s a great list of the top 10 viral videos. I’ve embedded them below for your ease. NIKE “This clip is one of the all time greatest virals ever, with more than 50 million views globally. Featuring world famous soccer star Ronaldinho hitting the crossbar no … Continue readingTop 10 Viral Video Advertisements

Singapore’s social media celebrity visits Silicon Valley

It’s great to meet the community of social media folks from around the globe. Mr Brown (a child hood name that stuck with him) is in town here in Silicon Valley. He was attending a few conferences and is doing some footage for his video blog travel show. He was a gracious host to me while I was in Singapore one night, so I was happy to show him around. I introduced Singapore’s biggest blogger to one America’s top bloggers (video below) and we headed to Palo Alto for lunch (pics). While Robert and Rocky were showing him Facebook, we realized we couldn’t access the site, it was down, Facebook says it wasn’t compromised. On the return trip back, we … Continue readingSingapore’s social media celebrity visits Silicon Valley

Homepage Analysis: AOL borrows Yahoo’s Homepage Design

AOL has announced their new homepage design, it looks strangely familiar to Yahoo’s. Here’s the feature list. Let’s compare using the same techniques I did for the top ten blogs(well they are more like magazines and top personal tech blogs. Yahoo’s homepage AOL’s new homepage These look pretty simliar, what do the rest of you think? Have you seen my comparison of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL? Take a look.

The need to centralize a brand in a decentralized world

I’m starting to see this new type of tool and concept emerge as content gets created and distributed into many small and large buckets Situation Users are creating content, and often uploading, sharing, or producing to a wide variety of sites: social networks, image sites, movie sites, communication tools, blog software, forum software, etc. They are creating and consuming data on mobile devices, home computers and networks, work networks, and in public spaces. For the corporate brand, this means that media, text, voices, and opinions about a company are spread all across the wide web. Problem Information, data, and profiles are scattered around the web, and on different networks. While one person can be involved in many conversations around the … Continue readingThe need to centralize a brand in a decentralized world

Evolution of Social Media in Corporations and what they should know

I answer these questions very frequently, and I encourage our customers to read my blog, here’s an attempt in mass education. What every corporation should know by the end of 2007: 1) What is social media, and how does it impact their company 2) Social Media is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere, look at the next generation or workers, they are highly connected 3) You’re not in control: Let go/give away to gain more (Update: this really works) 4) Social Media is an overlay for all marketing and announcement activities 5) Some companies are appointing official roles (Community Manager, or Evangelist) to be on point. 6) Start measuring from the start of the program, be flexible with it … Continue readingEvolution of Social Media in Corporations and what they should know

Steve Rubel evolves his strategy to MicroMedia

Steve Rubel and I exchanged emails early this morning. I asked him for his thought on how MicroMedia was taking hold. If you remember, Rubel was one of the fanatics of Twitter when it first hit the scene. What’s really intersting is that Steve is modyfing the strategy on his blog, he’s going to be changing his strategy to accomdiate how media is evolving (well at least this month). Here’s how Steve is evolving: “So, net net, what does this mean? Well, by posting less on Micro Persuasion I actually am able to give you more. I am freed of the need to write here daily. This means when I do post on this site it is more substantive and … Continue readingSteve Rubel evolves his strategy to MicroMedia