Web 2.0 in Singapore

I just got back from a bbq with quite a few famous bloggers in Silicon Valley, in fact it was at Maryam’s house, and it was her birthday. Happy Birthday!

During some of the bbq, some of us were talking about Singapore and how we’re seeing this as a great place to visit and how I see it as a new testing ground for many web 2.0 companies to sprout. I’ve met so many people from Silicon Valley that have been to Singapore, from Shel Israel to Lisa Stone.

Kevin Lim is reporting in from his โ€œWeb 2.0 in South East Asiaโ€ panel @ Microsoft ReMIX 2007“, it’s worth a read if you’re watching the web industry in South East Asia. By the way, Singapore is the cleanest and most tech savvy country I’ve ever been to, it’s very modern, and the native language is English.

  • I make an annual pilgrimmage to San Francisco for the Macworld Expo (and to pay my respects to Stev Jobs). Hope to perhaps check out the Silicon Valley scene if you happen to have the time. ๐Ÿ™‚