Social Network usage by Country

Nick Denton at Valleywag has some an excellent resource of which social networks are dominant in which country. Sadly, the map doesn’t have China, the largest population on the planet.

Although a bit dated, Read Write Web has a list of the top Chinese websites (be sure to click on the other countries listed). When in Singapore last week, I asked some of the top bloggers what they thought were the top websites in Asia.

  • I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Tencent QQ. It’s the most popular instant messaging client in Asia.

    Virtually everyone who is online in China has a QQ account. QQ also has a vibrant economy for virtual goods — your avatar in QQ starts out in his or her underwear, and you have to buy clothes for it using credits through your cell phone.

    They are now making inroads into social networking as well, as users can now create their own “space” where they can share pictures and keep a blog.

    Joe Davison

  • Thanks Joe.

    Is Tencent QQ a social networking app? Or IM client?