Keeping track of the Pownce Reviews

I’m going to keep track of all the reviews in this “clip report” of Pownce, it’s a competitor to Twitter and Jaiku. Let’s see how it performs, and maybe it will shape my interest level:

In Favor

Mashable: Pownce: Against All Odds, Pownce Blew Us Away
Allen Stern of Center Networks: Pownce – it’s pretty freakin’ sweet!
Rafe Needleman of CNET: First look at Pownce
Robert Scoble: Another Twitter competitor — want an invite?
Ryan Stewart of CNET: Pownce using AIR (and I’ve got invites)
Mapping the Web: Pownce Is The Next Big Thing
Kent Newsome: Pownce: Initial Thoughts and Invites to Give
Download Squad: Up close and personal with Pownce
We Break Stuff: A few thoughts on Pownce
The Buzz Bin: Review: An experience that will make you pownce


Michael Arrington of Techcrunch: Kevin Rose’s new Startup
Download Squad: Kevin Rose launches his Instant Messaging network, Pownce
Deep Jive Interests: Must … Refrain … From Ridiculing … Kevin Rose’s … Pownce — !
Mario Sundar: Twitter meets Facebook in Pownce?
Michael Arrington (part 2): Kevin vs Ev
Marc Canter: Interop of Twitter and Pownce (Good read, API is the most important thing to focus on)
Web Worker Daily: Powncing on the Twitter bird… or not
Eric Rice: Twitter gets Pwnced! while Jaiku Readies the Torpedoes
Brian Solis: Is Pownce the Twitter or Jaiku Killer? (this could also go into the “not in favor” category)
Techno Marketer: First look at Pownce

Not in Favor

Uncov, humor site: Kevin Rose: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG
Wisdump: Pownce, A Twitter Competitor? Or Just Stardom Hype?
Frantic Industries: Pownce the Twitter Killer
WinExtra: Pownce – trying hard to see the new & cool side
Tao: introducing Pownce, the new Twitter.

Observation: It’s interesting many of the titles and reviews of the product are tied to Kevin Rose’s name.

By the way, I met the sole web developer for this, Leah, we ustreamed from the Apple store, she’s pretty cool.

If you have a review, leave a link to it in the comments, or let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the invite. I’m giving a lot of mine away very rapdily, leave a comment if you want one, but there’s only 3 left.

  • Shannon

    Digital Webspace did a review the night of the release. You can find it here

  • jeremiah_owyang

    Thanks, it’s positive.

  • Thomas Han

    Hi Jeremiah,

    thx for all the links. Like you, I’m waiting for an invitation too. Once you, Scoble convert to it, I’ll give it a shot too (if I have invitation by then)

    - patiently waiting…

  • melissah

    I don’t even know who you are (someone just sent me a link to this post) but I am sharing the Pownce love. Would you like an invite, Jeremiah?

  • jeremiah_owyang

    Thanks Melissah, someone just sent me an invite.

    It was Brian Oberkirch, what a great guy!

    I’ll check it out a bit later.

  • Nicole Simon

    The one thing I have not seen mentioned so far in most of the reviews is something very typical for monolingual people: Pownce allows me to throw away TWO twitter accounts and manage them in one application because I am able to separate the languages per posting.

    There are many things which at first glance are annoying and missing (like not only posting to set but also reading by set because lets face it, not everybody is equally important), but so far for a first impression, this is going to be my default thing for now.

  • Tris Hussey

    I see HUGE potential in this app for business collaboration and just fun updates. It almost seems that Pownce is tailor made to become an API to be tapped into.

  • Tony Hung

    Did you mention something about an invite? ;)

    I’d love to change my opinion from “indifferent” to something firm … thanks in advance, if you’d be so gracious.

    tony hung.

  • jeremiah_owyang

    I’m out of invites I can share right now, sorry!

  • Tao Takashi / Christian Scholz

    So here is my review:

    Right now no idea what to use.. so it’s Twitter and Pownce together right now (hey, if one is going down use the other one as a backup ;-)

    We will see what stability brings.

  • Eric Rice

    Throwing my early one for the mix:

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  • jeremiah_owyang

    I sent out all my invites my friends!

  • guirec

    If anyone has one left, I’d love to have one ; thanks ; g

  • Chris Saad

    I met Leah and Kevin while in SF and they are both great – but I don’t get Pownce sorry.

    It seems to be a structured data Twitter – which is not very useful.

  • Molly

    I did a screencast review of Pownce. You can find it at .

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  • Matt Dickman

    Jeremiah — This is a great roundup of the reviews. Here is my review for the pool. At this point I am indifferent until it gets a little further along. Mobile hooks as well as a developer API are keys to growth and adoption in my opinion. I also have 6 more invites if anyone is interested.

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  • Wild Bill
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  • fozia

    a rapidshare search engine, with some special features: – it checks the results before showing them,
    leading to search hit mostly on first page. and it has almost no ads.

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  • jeremiah_owyang

    I'm out of invites I can share right now, sorry!