My Video Walkthrough at the Waiting line at the Palo Alto Apple Store

I think I’m getting good with my $300 camera, I have fun doing my “Walk-throughts”

Lots of people here at the Palo Alto Apple store.

  • So podtech closed shop for the day, eh?

  • Love that stone-cold chillin’ dude with palm up in your thumbnail! You’re good with the camera but even more impressive is the way you’re workin’ the peeps! What a spectacular day — killer weather and that line was probably a great excuse for those fancy home owners to call their bosses and say: I’mza WFH today! Great stuff! You’re everywhere!!

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  • Thanks Ken…I like the ability to move quickly with a palm sized camera, people react more authentically.

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  • Very nice, Jeremiah – love the video – made me feel like I was there – even though theres a long way from Northern Europe to CA.

    Post more videos – they are great.

  • Thanks Migger, I’ve got quite a few other walk throughs be sure to click on my ‘video’ category to find others.

  • hee hee – nice video and nice atmosphere . all germans waiting for the starting signal

  • Allen, it was back and forth. Folks were coming and going with cameras, recharging batteries (both physical and mental)

    We were working hard! (esp Robert)

  • Yep, good job. It’s interesting how much power played a factor with many of the livetv’rs.

    I think mogulus had the best coverage. I really didn’t care for Zooomr and looking at their founders face all morning.

    I hope we can get to a place where the liveblogging is less about ego and more about the event/people.