Searchnomics Conference: Video Search Optimization and Marketing

I was invited as media for the Searchnomics conference, a very important program for the modern web strategy. Iā€™m going to be covering many of the Social Search topics. I’m sitting here next to Neil Patel, Chris Pirillo, and Dave McClure. Neil and I were talking to loud loud and Chris is so animated, Dave was showing us Spock, and some funny things happened.

LeAnn Prescott from Hitwise

Her report just went live

-Nearly all the growth in online video happens on YouTube.
-Youtube has twice the traffic as ALL the other video networks combined. says LeeAnn Prescott from HitWise. Videos are showing up more and more from Search engine results.
-20% of a traffic from search is average for YouYTube and other video sites
-5X growthin in number of search ters to video sites
-3X more search engine traffic going to video sites

Mark Yoshitake from Google/YouTube presented.

-Hundreds of millions of viewers a day
-Hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded daily
-Audiences broaden
-6 hours of vidoeo are uploaded
-Google did a deal with Apple iPhone and Apple TV
-How do users find a video? 1) recommendations (email, wom, etc) and then 2) search
-Why is community important to search? because users put in contextual information in the search terms, they also sort by network behavior (top views, top tagged, most recent)
-What is Google Video innovating to? There will be some previews of videos.
-They haven’t started video crawling
-They are crawling metacafes site map and looking at metadata
-YouTube is creating new economic opportunities.
-YouTube is working with Sanyo to find the “UCG” video that will be their main campaign
-Google is working on having paid videos to appear in search results pages
-The future of searching within video is being experimented with, they are looking for closed caption info using OCR
-Being on the homepage of YouTube gets more traffic

Lessons Learned
-Video search is huge
-Content opimzaiotn and community is key
-Content as commercials
-Create video sitesmpas to get indexed to Google Video


-37% of all traffic comes from Google
-They are doing ongoing search optimization

Chris Pirillo got up to the mic, saying that “if your clients have a hard time getting users to watch the content, then you have bigger problem than ”

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