Happy 1st Birthday to Web-Strategist.com!!!

For some reason, this is more exciting to me than my real birthday.

These last few days marks the one year anniversary of this domain, web-strategist.com (read the first month). Previously, I was on blogspot, and before that Yahoo 360, and before that tons of forums and chat rooms. It’s been one hell of a ride, from Hitachi to PodTech. It’s also been with me while I traveled, spoke, captured conference information and became an extension of myself.

You’ll see that I’m certainly not an A-lister, my analytics numbers are not high, but I’m confident I reach the people that matter, those who make decisions for websites.

Here’s a few stats on the blog over the past year:
This is a mixture of quantitative metrics and qualitative, in one year from now, I’ll chart and benchmark.

-Technorati Rank: From millions to 1,708 (today)
-Subscribed readers: over 1500
-Average number of posts in draft: 50
-Total Blog Posts: 1,028
-Total Comments: 4,768
-Total Categories/tags: 61
-Google Page Rank: 6
-Photos uploaded to Flickr: 10,637
-Videos uploaded to YouTube, Blip, Revver, and PodTech: Over 100 (estimated)
-Google Analytics over 12 month period:

-Visits: 128,091
-Page Views: 233,350 Pageviews
-Average time on site: 2:18
-New Visits: 70.10%

Top viewed posts:

-Index page
List of White Label Social networking sites
The many forms of Web Marketing
My Profile Page
Social Media Optimization (which I sort of regret)

Interesting Posts:

Most embarrassing
Favorite post
most self punishing

-Number of times my non-tech friends didn’t get it: 80% of the time
-New job: 1 great job
-Opportunities generated for my employer: Countless
-How many times blogging has helped my career: Countless
-New friends made directly from blogging: Hundreds, Thousands?
-Time saved by not repeating myself: days, weeks? (estimated)
-Weight Loss, Hair gain: none and none
-Fun, exhilaration, and self-satisfaction: 100%

That was scary

Wow, that’s me totally naked. For some reason, I felt hesitant to release my analytics numbers, I think it’s like telling someone your salary, even in this industry of transparency. The visitor graph looks like a ramp, so I know that next year’s numbers will be higher. Ok, done, I feel better now. (I encourage you to try it, regardless of the numbers, it will help you benchmark and set goals for the future). Update: I think it would be interesting if everyone released their blog stats for public usage, perhaps a toggle in Google Analytics. We’d get a greater sense of stats rather than relying on browser embedded tools like Compete and Alexa.

Tell me how can I improve!

The most important thing to me is to continue to be 1) interesting, or 2) add value. I’d like to hear from you how I can improve this blog, feel free to leave a comment, and if you want to be anonymous, that’s fine too. I really want to practice what I preach to corporations, I’m open to your ideas to make a better website. (I started this blog with community feedback DURING the design process). If you get stuck, you can think about User Experience, Content, Focus, Technical details, style, or whatever else, I’m listening.