Dell apologizes, and life goes on

My respected friend Lionel Menchaca at who runs the community programs over at Dell exchanged a series of emails this last week. A former sales employee of Dell released a series of tips on how customers can ‘work the system’ to get the best deals for a Dell computers.

Dell asked for the post to be removed by the consumerist who posted the information, they refused. Lionel, the blog warrior at Dell is working hard to open up the company to build better products, have open lines of communication and do what’s right was sick, and was unable to respond during the chaotic exchanges.

Later, Lionel released this apology, which according to the 120 something comments was a sincere apology. Corporations, which are run by humans, make mistakes. Corporations that give human, sincere apologies can win back customers.

Lesson: The power of media control is shifting, corporations that embrace this change stand to benefit, and um, Lionel, I hope you’re feeling better.