Jerry Yang takes Yahoo throne

Congrats to Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo who has just stepped up to the position as CEO of Yahoo, a company I frequently comment on, as a user and shareholder. He makes his entry from the Yahoo anecdotal blog (his post seems scrubbed heavily by PR) but I welcome yet another CEO blog.

Do note in the comments section that Chris Messina asks not to be monetized, interesting. While I understand the premise, we just want to see Yahoo deliver valuable products that takes leadership in the market –not being a laggard.

One thing for sure is, that Yahoo needs a strong dose of innovation and leadership to make quick and decisive actions, find allies, and deliver quickly.

Good luck to you Jerry Yang!

  • I’ve been following Yahoo and this potential change for a while. I believe Jerry Yang will do a fanstastic job as CEO of Yahoo.

  • hopefully, hopefully. Looking forward to seeing some real innovation and true leadership.

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    I just hope that they put a strong focus on some of their web properties that they haven’t fully utilized yet (Flickr,, etc.). I am also somewhat surprised that they haven’t made an acquisition in the blogging market.

  • They tried to do Yahoo 360, it was not really a success.

    It could have been a contender in the Facebook space if they had an open API, platform, and tied to Yahoo Groups.

    missed opportunities that I hope Jerry will close.