Vloggers assemble at Apple Store

I was invited by Tajee to attend a product show off for Sanyo’s Xacti (difficult to find product on website, so Ill send you to Engadget instead, attention Sanyo Web Strategists!) and Voicebank’s Alligator uploading software.

What was really interesting was the new Xacti camera line that could be fully immersed underwater. A demo video of Nora and Irina from PodTech was shown messing around at the pixelodeon conference down in LA.

What’s really important is showing that video capture can occur from anywhere and at anytime, these very mobile devices (these Xacti’s fit in your pocket) record decent quality and are often backup cameras for even field news reporters. Jay, Ryanne, and Irina from PodTech presented after the two product demos, an interesting conversation talking about the ‘bigger picture’ was interesting.

The next generation of phones will have video capture and faster upload (or easier at least) to websites like YouTube, Blip, and the disruptive LiveLeak. I like Jay’s quote while he was presenting, these tools will help the world connect and get smaller, we’ll be able to learn more about other cultures, connect with people outside of our immediate neighborhood, the promise of the internet. The most exciting thing of the event? Meeting Vee of VeeTea, she’s launching a video blog around her passion and business, tea!

I snagged a video with my Canon SD700 camera ($300) it’s really designed for still pictures, but it’s decent for video in tight spaces and events. Here’s my video walk through on blip:

Picture 981Picture 1004Picture 991Waterproof Xacti (yes, submergible)Waterproof Xacti (yes, submergible)Picture 1037Eddie Codel in redPicture 1020