Web Strategy Show: Understanding Information Architecture for the Modern Web Team with Chris Baum

So you have a massive website with hundreds of pages, each with documents, text, and media on them. How the heck is a user going to find this content? Navigate? Search? ask someone else? In this video with Chris Baum, (The editor in chief of Boxes and Arrows) to understand what is Information Architecture and how applying these principles will help you.

Find out:

What is Information Architecture?
Why is it important?
What role should they play in content creation?
What’s the difference between “Big IA” and “Little IA”
Online resources: Boxes and Arrows

I filmed this at Portland’s Convention center at Webvisions right in the hallway, so we get to experience the natural environment, including some curious onlookers. Have you seen my other shows? I’m on a quest to interview the top minds and practitioners in User Experience, Web Analytics, and Web Strategy.

Rocky here at PodTech has done yet another great job making it look very professional, thanks man!