Participating in a Virtual Conference: Marketing Profs

I’m speaking to 370 (it was over 400) people at a virtual conference today hosted by Marketing Profs. Thanks to Bill Lee, Whitney and David and all the folks at Marketing profs to invite us. They’re using web-based software by Unisfair. It’s an interesting concept as it appears like you’re at a virtual conference. Of course, it takes some time to get used to the interface, but once you find a session you can put it on in the background and go about your work.

I think it’s possible to host your own conference by using slideshare to post your slides, then using ustream (a company I advise) , and camtwist for interaction details. Likely it’s not quite as robust as scalable, but I see this technology quickly becoming common.

It’s interesting how the web is intersecting different industries and conferences, you know about how we went crazy at the Web 2.0 expo with ustream, even in our panels. At some sessions there were more people watching us live on ustream then were actually in the live session.

The web brings conferences to you and connects people. Overall, I was impressed with the experience and put some screenshots below.


  • Hello Jeremiah,

    We attended the seminar today and thought it was great! Our first webinar! Enjoyed your social media presentation!

    We’re a video production company in New York and we’re also in the midst of a 1 year old online VideoZine start up, so we’re juggling so many tasks. As a result, it’s sometimes difficult to set aside time to attend conventions, network with peers, etc. This online webinar allowed us to view presentations, download info, and I think we can go back and review webcasts that we missed due to other tasks at hand, so this is truly the way to go!

    We create online video, so the only thing I missed was live streaming of the presenters speaking to us!

    But it was all good! Thanks so much!
    Hudson Valley Web TV

  • Thanks Irene

    I too believe that video can really add a lot to online presentations.

  • Dear Jeremiah,

    I attended your session today and it was very informative and useful. I would like to learn all I can about social networking… can you please point me to good places to start.

    Thanks for all the great info.


  • Christopher Coulter

    Wow, just what the world needs, marketing dweebs high on Powerpoint, now totally ubiquitous. Where can I sign up for that? Sorry I missed it, I was buying some video equipment from one of those irrelevant corporate websites.

  • Zepur

    Click on the “Web strategy” or “Social Media” categories on the right, there’s tons of info here.

  • Christopher,

    Marketing folks aren’t dweebs, they’re far more sophisticated. Were you buying the equipment directly from a manufactures site or from a etailer?

    Don’t tell me you made that decision directly from that corporate website alone, sheesh.

  • Christopher Coulter

    Direct, they don’t middle-man etail. And actually yes, specific item, compared spec’s from another product that I already own, and it bested it, new product, better features. Gasp, the horror, I did it all without consulting any bloggers or getting social and wasting time with the YouTube-Digg like commenter “wisdom”.

    I brought my own experience to the table, sure, but yeah that corporate web site worked. If it doesn’t product goes back, simple as that. SOME corporate sites are indeed pointless, but not all. And one reason why you should structure the site for informed consumers too.

    Anyways, knock em dead, in Singapore. Best of luck.

  • Chris

    No you’re right. people trust their own experiences above all. Next in line is people “like me”. You’re falling directly in that logic.

    The thing is, people may not have as much direct experience with a product that is new, and that’s where crowds like me help.

    Thanks for the support Chris, it’ll be fun.

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