Don’t get Twitter? It’s a communication tool.

I recently spoke to Kara Andrade of AFP who called and interviewed me about my usage of Twitter. We had a lengthy discussion what makes Twitter work and where it’s limitations are. It’s part of my job to play with new Social Media tools, break ’em, and figure out how my clients can use them in their communications.

Kara summarizes in this overview Online tweets tell you what everyone is up to, all the time.

If you read my quote, then yes, I do recommend twitter as a tool for mature organizations to experiment with. I see twitter (active presence) really as a feature for many communication suites, it’s not going away.

What’s the most disruptive thing that Twitter has done in my life? I use my feedreader less, instead I cruise my twitter stream to find out what people are talking about and thinking about, it’s like sitting having an ear at every table at the social web coffee shop.

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