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Community Resource for Web Designers: Edezines


Robyn of Edezines first contacted me because she was interested in advertising on my blog. (which I think is a fantastic). I’m not quite ready for ads on my blog, although the topic is coming up more and more lately.

I checked out her site Edezines, and found that it’s really an online resource for the Web Design community. It looks like a resource to me, so I asked her to describe it in detail: is a self-proclaimed web design directory. In this case that means that Edezines has resources for those interested in both hiring a web design firm and learning how to do their own site designing. On one hand there is a directory of designers and specific details about each, including a handful of featured firms, as well as some articles addressing who you should hire and why for your specific site needs. For those interested in doing their own design there are a number of web design articles on such topics as usability, use of Flash, and more. For those just looking for a quick fix there are also some helpful design tips available…”

While I’m not sure how a firm becomes a “featured design firm” there appears to be come good resources for those seeking to buy or sell web design services. I’d like to see them create a web design directory that lists many firms, maybe by customer rating. See their web design resources section as well.

Additional Resources
Have you read my comparison of all website design process and workflows? If you’re trying to price a web design project, here’s some resources I’ve collected. If you’re a design firm and are looking to get your name out, you can leave a comment on this post.

Is my blog crashing your browser?


I’ve heard from two people now that my blog is causing browsers to crash, maybe it’s the large pictures, videos, Google analytics, or maybe a tag that I’ve not closed in the HTML.

I’ve reduced the amount of posts that can be viewed on this blog, (it’s now 15) so please let me know if you’re having any issues.

So if you’re reading this in a reader, can you please go to my blog and check?

Questions you should ask before taking that “Social Media” or “Community” role


I know most of the “Community Managers” in Silicon Valley and beyond, many of them are my friends, I read their blogs, see them at events. A small group I help them to grow, and mentor them as Shel Israel did to me, so I know the Community manager role well.

We also know that the Community Manager role is appearing at almost every company, (learn more about this role) and every PR firm is starting to have a division to focus on this area as well.

This is a great list of questions that arm anyone that’s going into a role that requires them to be involved with social media. James Durbin has spent some time to help the job seeker make sure they don’t get into a firm or agency that asks them to do something un-authentic, awkward, or just boring.

List of Social Media Interview Questions
by James Durbin

There’s a few questions that I would add:

-How is success measured, and does that impact my income?
-Does social media only imply online work, or does it include real life events
-Will I have resources and time to attend industry conferences, workshops, and events?
-How will I be encouraged to learn and stay on top of the fast moving curve in social media?
-Important one: Will I be encouraged to make mistakes, hopefully so our clients don’t have to? (I’m fortunate to be a role where this is ok)
-How much do you value social media in the future of communications?
-How much freedom will I be allowed to craft out this new role?

Lunch 2.0 at NetGear


Another successful event, I’m told it was 120 guests, for this bbq event, which included aprons “Cooking up your network”, the sign up post exploded this morning with maybe two dozen sign-ups.

NetGear’s digital living room was very cool, PodTech video crew was there to capture some video for our client, and interviewed many folks, including Drue Kataoka who’s a resident bay area artist in the form of traditional Japanese style “Sumi-E”, the bubilicious team, Web Developer Brian Stephens (who has the famous Chocolate Blog), Web Developer Michael Gobaco, Web professional Chris Salazar, Waili and friends from Savvis (who should host the next Lunch 2.0 and do a data center tour), Jeremy Toeman, and many others.

It’s pretty amazing the amount of press this event is getting, as it was on the front page of the SF Chronicle, funny photo of founder Terry.

John AguilarJoseph SmarrLike a familyHanging in the NetGear Family RoomSakshi and JeremyHassanWinning 2500 worth of Netgear prizes!Savvis Team (Who should host the next Lunch 2.0)Drue KataokaBrand AmbassadorWaili WongAndy's BBQLunch lineN is for NetgearNetGear Digital Lifestyle RoomDave and Sakshi

Updates: Here’s some links of blogs, images, and videos: Our friends have harnessed ustreaming!
-Here’s their archived
Ustream video, and here
Mario Sundar’s take on the event (with some community marketing ideas)
Drue has a wrap-up
Christopher Salazar enjoys the networking
Ubergizmo likes the geekery and the digital lifestyle room
Check out Ubergizmo’s video
The always cheerful Lisa got a kick out of hearing how Brian makes his gourmet chocolates
Holly has a video, but she also wonders if this has become a PR thing.
Michael met some folks at Lunch 2.0
Jessica Mah enjoys the free food.

Here’s those videos interviews by crew.

Above: you’ll see Drue, Chris Salazar, Jeremy Toeman, Sachi and others

Above: (the audio fuzz will go away) you’ll see Jeremy Pepper, Jessica Mah, and many others.

Above: here’s the video that Podtech created for our client Netgear

My Blog was down…again


My blog was down yet again reports Dreamhost, this is happening way to frequently.

Sorry for folks that were trying to access it (Chris called me and emailed me and Dave McClure emailed me).

Not sure what’s going on, I don’t see an issue on the Dreamhost status blog, so I logged into the admin panel and don’t see any indicators.

It’s funny when people tell me that my blog is down, it’s almost like a sympathy card; “sorry about your loss”

Brian Solis: How to Fix PR


Apparently, I ticked off some PR folks (or least ruffled their feathers) in my recent post where I chimed in after Guy Kawasaki and Dave McClure on what’s wrong with PR. Steve, Mike, and others chimed into this interesting conversation. (over 100 people linked to Guy’s original post)

For the record, I wasn’t trying to make anyone uncomfortable, but I simply wanted point out what I’ve learned in my experience on what will work in this new age where the community has taken control. Read carefully, I was demonstrating what the changes are, and the impacts that the web has had on agencies that have NOT adapted. If you are a PR pro that has adapted, then you have my complete support and that post was not written about your firm.

Brian Solis provides 12 reasons on how to fix the issues that were complained about, I recently talked to him on the phone, and I know he spent an incredible amount of time thinking the issue over, it’s a must read.

Here’s a summary of Brian’s suggesitons:

1 – Understand first, what PR is and isn’t.
2 – Don’t under value PR.
3 – PR is not a switch.
4 – In most cases, coverage doesn’t just happen.
5 – Just because you created the product doesn’t mean you’re the best person to sell it.
6 – Understand that PR is only an umbrella for the specific communications initiatives that will help you reach complementary, simultaneous goals.
7 – No matter what industry you’re in, realize that the most popular blogs, newspapers, or magazines are only one part of the process.
8 – Engage in social media. We live in a “social” economy and the only way to succeed in it, is to participate.
9 – Support your PR program and feed it as you do any other branch of the company.
10 – If you find a PR person that truly lives and breathes the company and the product, never let them go. They are a rare breed and deserve support and promotion.
11 – Meet with your PR team regularly to communicate realistic goals and measure progress.
12 – Agree upon metrics in advance.

Thanks Brian, you’ve really added some quality points and ‘how-tos’ that have added additional points to the conversation. Andy Lark has some excellent reasons why PR does work, worth a read.

Update: Apparently nothing I said was new as Shel says this is the Annual Bashing of PR.