Wireless Access for everyone with Meraki “Free the net”

Running a conference with limited bandwidth? How about a large campus or even home owner association? Even if you manage a city (like SF) Wifi is a great attractor for new tenents that are tech savvy.

I’m sitting with Chase Phillips of Meraki Networks which is a company in Mountain view that is helping to provide internet access to everyone, How? They offer a repeatable mesh network that encourages others to share, and bring internet access to others.

Meraki is a Greek word that means “From the soul, or from the heart” and in the spirit of Web 2.0, giving to get more is the mantra.

You can check out their website where the Meraki Mini is for sale for $50 bucks. Worried about how many people may use your network? You can control the bandwidth.

Of course I challenged Chase that cities and large companies (like Google) will want to offer this, so this market is still virgin territory. If you believe the network should be for the people check out the website “free the net”.

Their still trying to figure out how to get mass adoption, so if you have any ideas give ’em a call.