Lunch 2.0 at NetGear

Another successful event, I’m told it was 120 guests, for this bbq event, which included aprons “Cooking up your network”, the sign up post exploded this morning with maybe two dozen sign-ups.

NetGear’s digital living room was very cool, PodTech video crew was there to capture some video for our client, and interviewed many folks, including Drue Kataoka who’s a resident bay area artist in the form of traditional Japanese style “Sumi-E”, the bubilicious team, Web Developer Brian Stephens (who has the famous Chocolate Blog), Web Developer Michael Gobaco, Web professional Chris Salazar, Waili and friends from Savvis (who should host the next Lunch 2.0 and do a data center tour), Jeremy Toeman, and many others.

It’s pretty amazing the amount of press this event is getting, as it was on the front page of the SF Chronicle, funny photo of founder Terry.

John AguilarJoseph SmarrLike a familyHanging in the NetGear Family RoomSakshi and JeremyHassanWinning 2500 worth of Netgear prizes!Savvis Team (Who should host the next Lunch 2.0)Drue KataokaBrand AmbassadorWaili WongAndy's BBQLunch lineN is for NetgearNetGear Digital Lifestyle RoomDave and Sakshi

Updates: Here’s some links of blogs, images, and videos: Our friends have harnessed ustreaming!
-Here’s their archived
Ustream video, and here
Mario Sundar’s take on the event (with some community marketing ideas)
Drue has a wrap-up
Christopher Salazar enjoys the networking
Ubergizmo likes the geekery and the digital lifestyle room
Check out Ubergizmo’s video
The always cheerful Lisa got a kick out of hearing how Brian makes his gourmet chocolates
Holly has a video, but she also wonders if this has become a PR thing.
Michael met some folks at Lunch 2.0
Jessica Mah enjoys the free food.

Here’s those videos interviews by crew.

Above: you’ll see Drue, Chris Salazar, Jeremy Toeman, Sachi and others

Above: (the audio fuzz will go away) you’ll see Jeremy Pepper, Jessica Mah, and many others.

Above: here’s the video that Podtech created for our client Netgear

  • You’re always on the cutting edge Jeremiah! Thanks for the provocative questions. I’m interested in the dynamic intersection between art and technology.

  • I have a few friends who contribute to podtech. Keep up the good work Jeremiah.

  • Had a great time myself, met some cool & interesting folks.

    I’d have uploaded my photos by now, except my laptop and camera got stolen a few hours later! 🙁

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  • Hey Jeremiah!

    Thanks for your blog comment! Good point, it does depend on the attendees whether it’s a good or bad thing that it’s become more PR. At one point I was doing some filming and a Netgear person moved out of the way a little bit and said to me, “oh yeah take lots of pictures, we like that”.

    I can understand them wanting lots of photos, but it was just an odd feeling ;). Can PR exist with small tailored individualized communities?


  • I don’t know, we should ask the community using the Lunch 2.0 blog, it’s their event so they are in charge in my opinoin.

  • haha, yes, we all love the free food. The people are great, i love the crowd that comes, but I couldn’t see the event being this big without that awesome free food!

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