“Unlimited Data Storage” is the “Free Checking” of the web industry

Online Data storage is a commodity.

Yahoo announced unlimited storage for yahoo mail (which I use). That’s great, because I’m in the upper 90% of my capacity. I don’t delete mail, as I like it for archival purposes and to search for historical context.

Disks are cheap, the web is a utility, and users put their data all over the web. I’ve been following this market for some time now and have come to the realization that soon vendors will be begging (or paying) users to upload data to their sites. There’s an interesting timeline from the Unofficial Google watch blog about the timeline of Yahoo mail and Gmail.

There’s some inherent challenges with having your data all over the web; 1) Privacy, 2) Identity, 3) Security, 4) Backup are just a few issues that require consideration.

So what’s next? What really matters? With Unlimited Data Storage barely being a feature to tout the next marketing campaign from Gmail or Yahoo mail should be one on secured data, privacy, and backups.