Not sure what User Experience(UX) books to read? The UX Zeitgeist will tell you!

Yesterday at E-Metrics I had the pleasure of spending some time with Louis Rosenfeld, the father of Information Architecture. He first brought this field about after observing a need from his applied background in library sciences to the great world wide web. His book, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (3rd and latest version here) was an influence on me, (my version, not tattered) when I was organizing information for the enterprise intranet at World Savings.

Louis continues to be a resource to the greater web community, as he’s lead a project that helps to identify which books, manuscripts, and resources are the most helpful to the community. In the spirit of the people, this project relies heavily on ‘crowd sourcing’ so this list is not an editorial list, but a list from the people.

What’s the name of this resource? It’s the UX Zeitgeist:

Q: What is UX Zeitgeist?
A: UX Zeitgeist combines input from the UX community with data from a variety of web services to generate an unequaled collection of UX books and related topics. UX Zeitgeist also profiles the trends that describe the field’s evolution.

More from the UX Zeitgeist FAQ section. If you’re seeking where other UX and IAs hang out, you could also check out the Information Architect Institute. I have a fun job, I get to learn from the leaders in our industry, and Louis was no exception.