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What I don’t like about Local News


Our newest client Topix has asked PodTech to put together a profesional video surveying folks in the community to find out “What’s wrong with local news” This short documentary hosted by my colleague Rio Pessino asks Rafe Needleman from CNET’s Webware, Adriana G (have you seen her photo shoot? wow!), KQED’s Raul Ramirez, Hooman from Alice 97.3 who recently ripped into Scoble pretty dang good, new buddy Johnny Ham of Ustream, Sarah Meyers, Craig Newmark of Craig’s list, as well as other SF locals.

The Topix crew got together to ask folks what’s wrong with Local News, well here’s my answers:

1) Lack of aggregation of all photos, blogs, images, in my local area
2) I don’t only want the stories from journalists, but I want the opinions of people in the community (without a filter)
3) Traffic, Crime are not the only things that are worthy to me, there’s other things I want to know about.

After spending some time with Topix folks, I learned that if you type in your city name and news (Palo Alto News) Topix will come up above the fold in a Google search, try it with your city. They’re aggregating content to build something new, I hope they take some of my ideas into consideration.

Oh yeah, we’ve made some improvements to our Video player, what do you think? There’s a widescreen version, and you can share and some other features.

The Education System gets serious about Social Media. Community Managers extend past Corporate


I’m excited for Mark Krupinski who has accepted a role as a Community Manager at Rasmussen Colleges. He’s been an advocate of social media and has had a somewhat frustrating experience at his previous company who simply, well, didn’t get it. Apparently Rasmussen is not like that, they encourage him to be creative, reach to the community and want him to experiment with other interaction devices that could increase education results, interactive environments like SecondLife.

While community is nothing new in the collegiate experience, for a the formal web organization of an educational group to start thinking about these tools for education is fantastic. Setting up tools so that students can learn from each other, share information, interact, argue and connect. Since this is the way we’re expected to perform in the future workplace, why should we limit it only there? I’ve seen some tools that Mark will be sure to look at in the Web 2.0 arena focused on Education.

Congrats to Mark, and Congrats to Rasmussen colleges for creating such a modern, interesting, and effective role.

Having fun with Photography, caption this silly photo of me


Recently, some colleagues of mine told me my blog is so very “Corporate” and “Strategic”, that’s a nice way of saying I’m boring.

For those that have gotten to know me, I’m not that serious in real life. I’m going to let you peer at it just a bit today. At CES in Vegas, Thomas Hawk, Kris Tate and I went around the city taking photos. We were already delirious from the fun of BlogHaus, and Thomas was on a mission to take 1000 photos and publish them. During one time, we were hanging out on the people movers and I decided to make a bolt for it, I don’t know why, but I just wanted to run on them, a voice told me “Run Jeremiah, Run!, Run like you’ve never Run before”, I did.

Last week, I invited friends on my Twitter network to caption this photo, I now extend this to you. . It’s been viewed 293 times and favorited by four. I look forward to your captions on the photo. That’s me, Thomas Hawk’s friend, Running. Enjoy!

See you at WebVisions next week in Portland


Our Panel Audience

(above: view from the panel, Webvisions 2006)

This time next week I’ll be at Webvisions in Portland, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you there (I know Jason will be there, he said so on a previous comment). I had such a good time from last year, that I put together an index of all the blog posts, pictures and media that was created. Webvisions is really my element, because it’s web folks. Those quirky, creative, cool, and geeky folks that are doing what we all love.

I’ll be speaking on one of the sessions on Social Media Strategies for your Organization? Connecting the Dots, I’ll also be live streaming (think Joan Rivers, except I’m male, Asian, and younger) from the event floor (Brad the event chair and Kit Seeborg a organizer have been so cool to assist with this), and I’ll also be interviewing a few folks for my Web Strategy Video blog show.

I look forward to seeing you next week at Webvisions, it’ll be great.

I took a ton of pictures of Portland, the event and the waterfalls see this set. Here’s pics tagged “webvisions“.

Customer Reference Programs to adopt Social Media


I’m having a fantastic time at the Customer Reference Forum, at the gorgeous Claremont hotel in Berkeley. Bill Lee (who has an engaging blog) has done a tremendous job as a conference organizer, he really wants to bring a high value conference. He’s carefully screened and selected presenters, as well as issued a survey to all attendees asking them about topics.

What’s a Customer Reference Program? Many corporations are realizing that word of mouth from a customer to a prospect is important. As a reaction, they create collateral that records positive customer opinions, and then they distribute to sales teams. In my Powerpoint presentation PPT, (which I’m making public) I said all that was going to evolve, now as customers use social media to share both positive and negative experiences. I wrote a blog post a few months ago that started it all, the preso is a rough cut of it.

There were a lot of great companies here like: EMC, NetApp, Dell, Microsoft, Riverbed, Insight, IBM, Oracle, RIM, ProjectLine, HP, Navajo, Point of Reference, Metia, Phelon Group, Siemans, SAP, and other great companies.

One of the topics I was hearing from presenters is how they’re incorporating podcasts, video, webcasts. Very few of them are reading blogs (organize customer references). In summary, I believe that the good customer reference folks will evolve, start to work with the community manager, and will have to figure out how to use customer opinions (both good and bad) into their programs.

Steve Ellis of Metia is doing reviews of presentations, (he just posted his review of my session, excellent) I hope he provides an honest review for me. Fun times ahead as every group in Marketing is impacted by Social Media.

Steve Ellis, CEO of Metia and JeremiahPicture 727Picture 736Picture 735