How Guy Kawasaki became Technorati’s #24 ranked blogger (and how he aims to be 10, then maybe retire)

Arrogant A-lister? Succesful Entrepreneur? Or a generous knowledge resource?

Guy is never a short of words as he shares how he became one of the top bloggers so quickly (I’ll admit, I was one who is jealous as he skyrocketed to fame in 3 month). His content is often written as a resource, a “how to” be an evangelist or entrepreneur.

Best quote? “Who give a Shitake” about your personal journal. I was the one that told Jennifer not to throw around that “A-list” term, well she asked Guy right up front, pretty cool. Wow, Guy has a nice estate, what an incredible backyard. His goal is to be ranked in Technorati as the top 10, he’s 14 pegs away. Guy says he doesn’t read any other blogs other than his, well he only has about 40 feeds that he reads.

If you can’t see the embedded file above, access the webpage directly.

  • The more correct spelling is “shiitake.” Also, “arrogant A-lister” is a redundant term. Finally, “Successful” is spelled wrong in “Succesful Entrepreneur.”



  • lol!

    Thanks Guy!

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  • Since I have followed this a little and was going to post a similar post that Kent Newsome posted about the fact that Guy came off a little self centered, I am curious about your take Jeremiah on the fact that the only reason Guy may have stopped by to read your blog is because you linked to him? Otherwise unless you are a part of his 22 feeds he reads, you don’t count in his mind? You obviously took that statement out of the video to have meaning yet it was sort of a glancing blow at what I think you were really trying to say. So what’s up?

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  • OMG!! The music! THE MUSIC!!!
    The announcer, so very Outdoor Channel “Scent blocker, you’ll smell like whitetail dung like never before”.
    And the ringing of the bell, followed by “Oh, hi Guy!”, all VERY Martha Stewart-y in the fifties (yes, I know she wasn’t around then, just mashup the styles).

  • Andres

    What music would you suggest would be more appropriate? We’re listening.

  • While I tried to be humorous on my comment, I recognize that I got pejorative too soon.

    I appreciate your answer, so I guess my best option here is to give you a little more serious feedback.

    The music strikes me as muzak (so instrumental and uncharacteristic that you’ll never know you’ve heard it). If that tune’s mood is what you’re aiming for, I’d suggest that you try replacing that with nature sounds, birds and water.

    If the mood can be changed, try something less Richard-Clayderman-meets-Vangelis and more snore-free. And I’mnot talking Nirvana, I’d settle for some Portishead, or Brad Sucks (

    About the announcer, and the whole starting sequence: are you trying to imitate “That’s incredible”? After watching it a couple more times, the whole things looks like you’re trying too hard to imitate an old model.

    An old model that works, but one that your audience is getting away from each minute. I’d love to know ir that aesthetics are an attempt to lure older/less tech inclined folks into the format or something else I don’t get.

    C’mon, I suspect you’ve spent at least an hour at Guy’s home before shooting the whole “Hi Guy” thing. If Jennifer Jones really is a high caliber figure as her about page states (I didn’t know her before today), she doesn’t need to “act” the interview. That isn’t valuable context and it doesn’t add to the content.

    I guess Guy Kawasaki wouldn’t take a call from me, and if he did, I probably couldn’t make a better interview on my own, but I think I can have an opinion and offer some recommendations, right?

  • Andres, You can absolutly have an opinion, thanks for sharing, no harm done. I’ll make sure the team sees your excellent feedback. We are always looking to improve.

    Jim, I’m pretty sure, I’m not part of Guy’s 22 feeds!

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