Dear Speaker,

Dear Speaker,

While I’m honored you read my blog, and think highly of what I publish, I would really appreciate if you would reference me or cite me in your presentations.

It’s a professional courtesy to cite others, especially if they’ve worked hard to get the knowledge that they have. Also, it adds to your credibility, as third party sources can validate your point. Since we’re in a very open community, people talk, and people will find out anyways if you use someone’s work without their permission.

I certainly encourage you to use this information I share to grow, be better, and to improve web strategies, I certainly would appreciate if you would reference me going forward.

Professionally and Appreciatively,


  • Hi, Jeremiah. What happened? Did you have a bad experience of someone using your info and taking credit? This is the worst. I hate when this happens, but I also cannot see what’s the point for anyone to do that in a social media community as the whole benefit and idea is being referenced by and connected to the peers. Even if it is not a social media community industry, one has to back up knowledge and info by the source and expert and if it was yours, he/she loses so much value. Talking about professional integrity! But, I think in the long run, it always works out as people know whose work is that sooner or later in situations like that.

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  • This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

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