Should Live Streaming be allowed at Conferences? The discussion continues

I’m noticing that the questions I raised whether or not live streaming helps or hurts conferences. I certainly want to support conference organizers in helping them have successful events that support the community, although I see there’s some debate on the Shel Holtz blog on whether or not live blogging or live streaming should be allowed.

Even if live streaming caused a decrease in attendance, there’s equal opportunity to extend the knowledge and experience globally, as well as to monetize any live streams through advertising, sponsorships or premium pay.

What do you think?

1) Is live streaming a help or hurt to conferences?

2) Does it matter on the size of conference?

3) What are ways for conference organizers to leverage these tools?

4) Will virtual conferences start being the norm?

5) Will social media tools become some effective that schoomzing and relationships can be built as effectively online as well as in person?