Hosted my first live Internet Video Show (Kris Tate was a guest)

Tonight, for a few hours, I had my first live Video show. At first, I twittered it and a few good people such as Chris Saad and Soopa from Acurazine and some guys from Ustream showed up.

Scoble showed up, and Twittered for the world to come, and I had nearly 30 viewers that were chatting back to me.

Kris Tate called me from the Zooomr pad, and he became part of this video “talk show”.

Eventually he turned on his own cam, and I passed the torch to him, (his show is here) after I got tired (Mario is going to pick me up at 730am tomorrow for Web 20 expo)

This was amazing, I had a great time, thanks Ustream, we’re definitely moving to real-time vs asynchronous.

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