The Psychology of Social Software

Last night at the Bay Chi Web event in Palo Alto (Walking distance from PodTech HQ), I was able to catch the excellent presentations from both Kelly Goto and then Dan Saffer.

Dan’s presentation drew parallels between the design of Las Vegas and the Web. There were some very interesting metaphors on how slot machines are designed so careful so that a row of slot machines can bring in a tremendous amount of money.

An interesting discussion occurred after his presentation how casinos are in many ways like websites. Web Designers try to get users to come and use their site, with explosion of sounds, pictures, a real experience.

When I think about the attraction of Social Media, in many ways, it is like ‘gambling’ you never know what’s going to happen next, who’s going to say what, and how others will respond. To many, the web is more than just a communication tool, it’s a source of entertainment and a social outlet.

I encourage you to check out

  • Dan Saffer’s presentation available for download.
  • Or many glowing reviews of Kelly’s Designing for Lifestyle presentation.
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    • Lifestyle is a difficult thing to speak about. I went to a place called the Delaware Park Casino,, and for those of you who have never seen an adult Disney World Park, it’s not in Las Vegas. It’s in Wilmington DE. Talk about a mini-social society. Delaware Park Casino in Wilmington boasts over 2000 slot machines, a full 18 hole golf course, a horse track and an full video screen for simulcasting bets. Throw in the bars and restaurants and you have a mini-civilization of betting and drinking.

      I went to a business meeting there a month ago on a wednesday morning and the place was packed. Peoplle gambling, eating breakfast and getting ready to gamble. It blew me away

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      What’s this have to do with my post? Please respond within 24 hours or I’ll remove it. It seems like you’re sort of on topic with Las Vegas, but I really can’t be sure.

    • I am interested in his presentation about Social Media, a lot of persons have a different view about Social Media. Thanks a lot!