Why Oracle or EMC will buy a Social Networking White Label Suite

I’ve been carefully watching the Enterprise Web space, both because of my experience with Intranets (four enterprise Intranets, two enterprise extranets now under my belt) and my focus on Social Media.

Today, it was announced that Sales Force (known as a the company to put an enterprise CRM on the web, data included) purchased ContentExchange, a CMS system with social media features. By reading the reviews from Zoli it gives Sales Force access into new types of enterprise information sources

a decisive step towards our vision of managing all information on demand. With Salesforce Content, we not only manage a company’s traditional structured information, but their unstructured information as well.” –CEO Marc Benioff

I remember in the late 90s the push for many enterprise software companies to purchase Portal systems and then CMS systems. I predict this race for the feature war will start again, but this time, for social software features.

Recently, Cisco made a big push to purchase Five Across, a white label social networking site, as well as tribe online communities. To start with, EMC or Oracle could take a list of this White Label Social Networking index, it’s the only complete list to date that I know of.

Done correctly, these enterprise companies will integrate the social sharing aspect of profiles with their unstructured data repositories, content management systems and build something new.

Additional Resources

If you want to learn more about Koral (now called ContentXchange), see this PodTech (where I work) interview of Scoble and Koral’s CEO.