Web Strategy Reading, A Weekly Roundup

I’ve collected some of the helpful posts in my weekly Web Strategy research, read below.

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Syndication, RSS

10 Things You Can Do with Mixed Media RSS (video, photos, audio files and other media items)
Guru Marshall Kirkpatrick shares some active use cases of how to combine multiple types of media files in RSS, and looks at some real-world practical ways to harness. If you take a step back and look at what these types of mixed feeds services are doing, they are further refining ‘trusted’ or ‘preferred’ content to the user. I’m sure you’ve seen how Yahoo Pipes and other services are allowing users and web managers to create new types of news feeds and custom created data streams.

RSS for Apple TV
Apple TV is now a feedreader, this is yet another stone laid down on the bridge of IPTV. Web Designers will need to start planning for how web interfaces will display on TV screens. For all my posts tagged IPTV, you can see this category.

10 Useful Yahoo Pipes (customized RSS feeds)
Yahoo Pipes is a tool to customize, filter, or focus one or more RSS feeds. This list of feeds primarily contains top media files, which could of course be imported into an existing media application for new experiences. I foresee these types of filters to continue to provide contextual and relevant information for individuals.

User Experience

Design Pattern collection (Many Images and Screengrabs)
I’m always impressed with Chris who is a very analytical guy. He’s grabbed some interesting screen shots of web designs and has made an interesting archive. If you’re a web designer, you may want to add to this growing library, and also use as a resource of your own.

53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without
While the Web Strategist oversee many parts of a Web Program, design is key, and CSS makes your website flexible, scalable, and should reduce development and design time. This library is another resource to share with your team, as you leverage the work of others.

Start thinking about Flash
Adobe continues to make a strong push towards flash. Which will become a staple for many web experiences at it can easily stream multiple types of media with ease.

User Experience Designers can start thinking about Speech Recognition, see Vista Tutorial
The web is evolving to the ‘live web’ that includes many forms of media outputs. New types of media inputs are happening, and thus user experience designers will need to start thinking, experimenting, then incorporating designs. There are opportunities to make the interfaces more accessible to those with disabilities, or mobile access to online data.

Design: Bookmark Bliss: 10 Tools to help you select a Web 2.0 Color Palette
Several links to design resources for those implementing current web design.

Workplace Design with a Table Designed for a Designer
Interesting table design for a web designers that incorportas the Apple experience, and even a fishbox. Emily Chang has more.

Who needs an Operating System, let’s make the web (and browsers too) the platform
Don’t just consider a website to be the only experience to design for, Browsers have their own experience and could be the dominant platform, rather than an operating system. Mozilla announces it will integrate social networking features into it’s browser application. Before you plan on building your own social network, see this list of all white label social networking applications.


Mashup Trends
Mashups are a new form of mixed media that users are combining. This post demonstrates that the most common mashup data includes Google Maps. One practical example I’ve seen this week is this schedule mapping tool. It could be more powerful if it had traffic and other metadata included to calculate time to arrive.

Disney’s “Tower of terror” recreated in Half Life
New experiences also extend to gaming, simulations will integrate various platforms.

Media, Marketing, and Advertising

Podcasts for IT market
We’ve known that the IT industry is often a great adopted of technology, now this report confirms what works well, and how to use these tools. I recommend building your podcasts based upon some of these Podcasting strategies.

Top online newspapers
While the demise of newspapers is greatly talked about, you can learn which of the newspapers are most often read online.

Advertisers on Advertising
This article graphically shows where the money is going in Marketing, and it’s going online.

The State of the Live Web, April 2007
Lots of commotion from our friends this week at Technorati. This boast from Sifry was the start of pushing the company to the selling block. It was announced that a new CEO will be sought after for Technorati, which I anticipate will later have the company sold. Hey the investors gotta get their cut right? Anyways, this report demonstrates how taggging, blogging, and other interactive ‘live’ media is starting to mainstream.

Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords has tweaks
Google makes 85% of it’s revenue from the Search Marketing space, minor tweaks like these can probably make a large impact on their revenue, and yours too, if you’re deploying Adsense.