Job Opening: Marketing Director / Sr. Manager (email me if interested)

As a member of the board of Advisors at Worksona (which just has launched to selective customers), I’m really excited to help find the right candidate to fill the role of Marketing Director or Senior Manager at this up and coming Mountain View startup.

I’ve been involved with providing Web Strategy guidance to this company, although they really don’t need it as they have strong leadership, a clear vision, and strong user experience talent. They are also funded by a top tier VC firm, and have a strong network and seasoned members on the advisory team. The product is interesting, and it’s covering ground that’s not been done before, it’s no ‘clone’, the spirit of innovation runs deep.

Worksona is seeking Marketing Director / Sr. Manager, here’s a brief description:

“The ideal candidate thrives in a startup environment, is passionate about marketing and all things Web, and can break through barriers to achieve stretch goals. This is a highly visible position. Many significant companywide initiatives are driven from this role so you will have a lot of resources at your command. We’re providing a fabulous opportunity for the right candidate to shine! “

The full job description is available on LinkedIn.

Email me if interested

As a reader of my blog, if you’re interested in the position, I will make a DIRECT introduction to CEO on your behalf. Email me at jeremiah_owyang @

The subject line should read “Worksona Opportunity”, please be sure to do this, as a lot of my email ends up in the spam section.