How to get started on your online Web Strategy Education

Recently, I was asked to help direct someone to some online classes or programs on “e-marketing”. The individual was from the education sector, and was looking to enrich their knowledge on modern web marketing.

… I’m wondering if you can tell me where the best e-marketing programs are offered? I am interested in doing some online study. I’d even be open to the idea of a work exchange of some sort.
– Associate Director, University

In my opinion the best way to learn is not by taking any classes or reading books, those can quickly be outdated, unless they are focused at concepts or theory. The beauty of the ‘live web’ is that anyone can be an author, this provides exceptional benefits as thought and practice leaders are now sharing their learnings with the community, this blog does just that.

An effective way to learn about modern web marketing would be to:

1) Find blogs that you like on the topic. Start with this list of the Power 150 Marketing blogs

2) Register for a free feedreader, try Bloglines (Basic feedreader), Google IG (dashboard view) or Google Reader(may be confusing at first, but has most funcionality)

3) Subscribe to the blogs that interest you, remove the ones that don’t

4) Read for 1-3 months, and you should have a greater understanding of modern web marketing concepts.

5) As you start to develop a reading rhythm and your intake starts mature, consider attending some conference on the topic, listen to podcasts, or watch video. I’ll be publishing some “Web Strategy Video” shows in the near future, based around ‘problem-solution’ topics.

I would also like to suggest you start with The Many Forms of Web Marketing, it’s designed to be a high level primer at all the tools available to an organization.