Who is a “Web Strategist”

This term is starting to emerge more often, I’m hearing that more folks are starting to put it into their resume, including a former manager of mine, cool. But what exactly is a Web Strategist? I’ve defined Web Strategy as the role as someone who is responsible for the trilogy (users, business, and tools) of a website’s long-term direction.

In many companies, this role is found in several titles, which could include: Web Product Manager, Web Product Marketing Manager, Web Marketer, IT Director, Marketing Director. Focused experts in a variety of other specific practices are also responsible for Web Strategy, such as User Experience Analysts or Designers, Demographic/Segment focused Marketers, and Lead Developers/Engineers, just to name a few.

Don’t limit this role to just the public facing website, as similar roles are needed for one’s partner extranet, customer extranet, and employee intranet.

As it ends up, several people in every company are responsible for Web Strategy, and probably have never stopped to realize it.