Where are all Customer Reference folks online?

As I move closer to the Customer Reference industry in anticipation for my speech, I’ve been working with Bill Lee the organizer to help him and his crew develop an Web Strategy to unite Customer Reference practioners online, in between physical events.

Question: Where do Customer Reference Managers hang online?

In my quest to learn more about this group, I searched Technorati, Google, and a few others sources. There really wasn’t that much activity to be found of these online communities.

I’ve a few theories of where these groups are:

1) We’re under the impression that these groups primarily meet in person, and are involved in private groups such as Yahoo or Google groups.

2) They don’t consider themselves “Customer Reference Practioners” but may relate to groups such as; Word of Mouth, Sales Support, Customer Loyalty, Customer Advocacy, Community Marketing, or other groups

3) They don’t communicate online, which I find unlikely

4) You tell me.

We want to join these groups, chat with them, and learn from them as this industry expands. If anyone out there could please share where you know or think these groups of Customer Reference professionals are, please leave a comment, thanks.