Those four questions are getting traction, a healthy discussion on SEO + Social Media ignites

I asked four questions which has lead to a very healthy conversation:

-David Berkowitz responded via my comments, I had to update my questions, based upon his feedback.

-Andy Beal Responded from his blog

-Daniel Responded from his blog

Keeeez has responded from his blog

-Nick Wilson responded from his Podcast (great job, read comments)

I tried to leave this comment, but had trouble, so I’ve published it here:

Thanks for this, it was really fun listening to you read question 4! Kind of like an interpretive dance, save the dancing part.

Question 4 (Which you’ve answered just fine, heh): Web Marketing is not on the corporate site alone, Whereas traditional SEO is about bringing users to your corporate website. What’s the impact to the SEO industry?

Anyways, you really did a good job clarifying many of these questions, thanks.

-Avinash Kaushik was here at PodTech, he gave his input, I videoed him for my Video show, this will be published soon

-PodTech producer Jason Calacanis’s team asked me to be on the Calacanis Cast to talk about this, we’ll talk today or tomorrow.