PodTech hosts “Progressive Journalists” program from Stanford

Last night John Furrier and the rest of the PodTech family hosted the Innovation Journalism Stanford fellows, many of them are from Sweeden, Finland and other countries.

During their tour they visited CNET, Red Herring, and the SF Chronicle, it was interesting to have them attend our small startup office after visiting those established media giants. More interestingly enough, is how we are compared to the Wall Street Journal which is just a few feet from our HQ, their loading doc is larger than our entire office.

One of the guests, Anders Frick shared with me the Swedish version of Techmeme called http://knuff.se/. As it ends up, Gabe Rivera, the creator of Techmeme stopped by. Tom Foremski made some interesting comparisons to our neighbor Wall Street Journal as “old and new media“. To me, mainstream and social media get along hand-in-hand. Our clients have asked me is it a replacement? I always respond it’s an “And” not an “Or”. Robert wasn’t there but quite a few people in his life are all connected in this small intricate web, including his former boss Steve Sloan, who was impressed by Furrier’s experience in technology and focus on media.

I was blogging in real time, and some guests found that it was interesting that we were publishing in real time, while some of them were working on issues for their July publications. I was also asked about the editorial process and fact checking, a conversation of ‘reporting’ vs ‘having a conversation’ was held.

I’m an outsider to the journalism industry, but having recently attended the WeMedia conference in Miami, I was able to make some interesting observations. I noted that this is an industry undergoing change.

Update: Marayam Scoble, a truly sweet person, shares why she likes working for John. Maryam helped to coordinate this event, it’s so often that event coordinators go unnoticed. I noticed, thanks Maryam and other PodTechlings, our first event at HQ was a success! Oh, and I loved the Persian food, what’s the name of the place?

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