StillSecure hires Security A-Lister Martin McKeay

Martin McKeay and Robert Scoble

Above: Here’s a pictures I took of Martin visiting PodTech hanging with Robert Scoble

StillSecure has further put their security company on the map by hiring an ‘evangelist’ that’s already established and respected within the Network Security Blogopshere and Podosphere. Martin McKeay is well known within this industry, and recently organized a blogger dinner at RSA.

I’ve known Martin for a while, and have done quite a few events and other social media related projects with him to note that StillSecure has made a wise choice.

In a recent podcast, Martin eluded to these changes coming, the CTO of Stillsecure (also a blogger) gives his thoughts. Congrats to StillSecure and Martin.

Aside from being a professional blogger at ComputerWorld, having his own blog, his own podcast, and now a full time job, he’s ALSO going to do a unique video show for PodTech focused on security. Martin McKeay, you’re one of the busiest dudes I know.

Update: it appears StillSecure has a warm welcome for Martin in this press release.

  • Jeremiah – Thanks so much for the shout out about Martin joining our team. I’m a fan of your blog and appreciate the kind words.

    If you are ever interested, I would love to have you on my security podcast. My co-host and I occasionally venture out into web 2.0 subject as many of our listeners are bloggers and podcasters too.

    Thanks again.

    – Mitchell

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  • Mitchell

    (I’ve corrected your title on my post) Yes, I’m interesting in security as it applies to the web industry. sounds like a great idea!

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  • Ben

    Martin is AWASOME Professional!

  • McKeay certainly has a big reputation in these parts, i hope he does well in his new post.

  • McKeay certainly has a big reputation in these parts, i hope he does well in his new post.