The Feed Filter wars begin: Adobe, Yahoo, Google Reader, Bloglines. (and what I want as a user)

I’m pleased to see that Adobe has moved closer to creating internet applications in addition to their amazing web suites. myFeedz was launched and is a filter. Yahoo launched their filter called Pipes a few weeks ago, (as I remember the antiquated myYahoo) which I’m starting to see a few examples emerge here and there, such as this interesting feed of Upcoming events of a trusted networkbloglines by IAC, what benefit does myFeedz offer in addition to that?

I use Google Reader most of the time, (you can see my shared feed) and see a tremendous amount of opportunity, which I’m sure the Reader team is already working on.

Here’s my ultimate reader:

  • I enjoy the Google Reader interface, the hotkeys make it easy to scream through content (Scoble taught me some tricks) , keep the sharing ability.
  • Quantify and highlight multiple entries and keywords: Sometimes I see duplicate items come through my feedreader, those items should be somehow indicated they are ‘hot’
  • Intelligently look for other feeds that show similar characteristics from my trusted network (that may be hard to figure out)
  • Intelligently learn how to filter out the junk, look for patterns
  • Never show ads, even if embedded in the posts.
    • I’m checking out myFeedz. After tinkering with it for half hour (site is horribly slow) I still can’t get it to see articles in any of the rss feeds I added to it under personalize:feeds. The UI could use a little help, but perhaps my frustration level would be less if speed was better. Lots of AJAX + slow = bad experience. My bandwith for other sites is fine. After adding all the rss feeds, it dumped my selections into a “myFeedz temporary category”, but I don’t know where to go to edit categories, if you can. I’ll let it digest things for a while before passing final verdict.

    • Brian, it’s good to hear from you, let us know your outcome.

    • You forgot Touchstone!

      But filtering is so 5 years ago 🙂

    • I got an email from myFeeds (looks automated)6 hours after I registered and added my feeds. It says, “Recently, you added an OPML or some feeds to your myFeedz account. This is a reminder to let you know that they have been processed and everything is ok.”. I went back to the site, still slow, and everything is the same. When I check out a tag for toffee, it comes up with nothing but suggests I “consider adding some feeds to your profile if you think they are related to ‘toffee’.” Well, I did, and my feeds are loaded w/toffee, believe me. Still shows the temporary category, too.

    • Christopher Coulter

      This many years in, and feed readers are all still a mixed-bag geeky-dork jumble. Some revolution. I want Pointcast 2007.

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