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Scoble interviews Clare Hart, Executive at Dow Jones


Dow Jones visits PodTech

When Daniela told me she was going to bring her Executive Clare Hart from Dow Jones to meet with Robert, I was thrilled. I used to be a customer when Clare was the President of Factiva. At the time she was a blogger who was part of the conversation. At one time, she reached out to me via email, a very thoughtful touch from someone at the higher echelons to a customer.

Robert’s interviewed Clare here right in the PodTech headquarters, and has the story. There’s a few other pics I captured.

I encouraged Clare to consider doing a video show, she’s very personable, real, and down to earth. Video could be a good solution for her to communicate to the world, given the time it takes to blog, I’ve written tips on how to do that here.

Thanks for stopping by Dow Jones and Factiva folks!

Social Media at the Customer Reference Forum: April 23-25th in Berkeley


It’s no mystery that I write this website for Corporate Marketers who use the web (that is my background for 7 years, this is my first time at a small startup), there’s a real need for sharing and learning as a single community. A few weeks ago, I wrote a very lengthy post, it was really a white paper of sorts, where I discussed the Impacts of Social Media on Customer Reference Programs.

I’m very excited to go into details about that post, as well as related tactics and strategies as a speaker at the Customer Reference Forum. If you know someone at your company that’s involved with Customer References, Loyalty, Customer experience, or General Marketing, I encourage you pass them the link to their site. The Customer Reference Forum event is on April 23-25 in Berkeley, CA (just outside San Francisco), looks like I’ll be joined by Ben and Jackie, (among others) both whom I can’t wait to meet.

(Update: Bill Lee of the Customer Reference Forum has a unique blog on the topic, including some Q&A of some thought leaders in the space)

Also that week, I’ll be speaking at Ad-Tech, invited by Rohit on a business blogging panel. Steve Hall of Adrants will also be on that panel. More news of that to come.

Vloggies 2007 Ceremony, are you going to submit?


Last year, PodTech hosted the first annual Vloggies awards show, all in the honor of videobloggers. If you’re a videoblogger, there’s a couple of ways to get involved to submit your video to be part of the grand awards. If you didn’t go to the last vloggies (I couldn’t attend, as I was in China) you can check out some of Laughing Squid’s photos.

At SXSW, you can enter the contest at the PodTech booth, where you can meet Scoble and Irina!

Here’s what you need to know to get involved:

Seagate is sponsoring a contest to kick things off for us: the SXSW-Vloggies Show Challenge: we’re inviting ANY VLOGGER to show their stuff at SXSW. Open to anyone in the world, we’re inviting you to create and showcase your video coverage of SXSW 2007 on The Vloggies Show site for some cool prizes.” -Irina Slutsky tells you more about the contest and the Vloggies event!

If you’re not familiar with the Vloggies, Scoble has a list of the best videobloggers check out last year’s coverage of the ceremony and party:

If you can’t see the embedded flash player in your feedreader, you can access the file directly, or see all the posts tagged Vloggies on PodTech.

Responding to Bad Press using Video, and Video Brand Hijacking


Social Media isn’t always pretty. Sometimes things happen in the news, that hit social networks and spread at rapid pace. So fast that it forces corporations to wake up and pay attention to how the internet is connecting people at a rapid pace. I’ve noticed a pattern today in my feedreading, and although I don’t have a lot of time, I wanted to highlight what I’m seeing as a Web Strategist.

This week, KFC is is the news as this bad press hits YouTube. The president promptly responded, and even did an online video, good job Gregg and KFC. View video remarks from KFC President Gregg Dedrick (although they need a direct link to the video, I had to splice this code together in order to link to it directly). I hope they keep this open transparent dialogue going, have you read my Web Strategy on Why Online Video is good for your Corporate Executives and How to Deploy?

Brand Hijacking is when customers and the marketplace take your brand and create their own messages, experiences, and share with others. For most corporate marketers, this is scary stuff. This WalMart Watch blog is taking on Walmart Corporation as well as Edelman. They’re calling for video submissions to support their cause. Even Wikipedia has an extensive section focused on some public shortcomings.

Related: Sean’s added a comment below that really should be elevated, he’s provided some coverage of Jet Blue’s execs humble and sincere video apologies and customer bill of rights.

I’ve some other examples of some videos that were created on YouTube against Starbucks. Today, I find it interesting that Dave Winer is calling out some recent online activities. It’s disappointing to some that Dell is saying to Linux users: Not so fast. I was hoping they were on to something, the saga is still not over.

Update: I’ve had my eye on this book, Citizen Marketers I hope to get a chance to read it in the near future. They’re doing a book tour, and will be at the Customer Reference forum, where I’ll be presenting.

105 Miles Per Hour


I feel guilty. Guilty that I don’t have enough time to spend sharing on this blog.

Posting has been light lately, and it will likely stay light. I’ve not had time to focus on some real analytical pieces that I enjoy sharing like The many forms of web marketing, the impacts of social media on customer reference programs, contraversial online data storage predictions, or indexing all the white label social network apps, etc.

Recently, in addition to a lot of personal and work things, today I was having lunch with a Googler, tomorrow I’m having lunch with the CTO of Hitachi Data Systems and some data storage pioneers, tomorrow night, we’re hosting some upcoming professionals, I’m also writing a white paper for a well known social media measurement company (stay tuned) and lastly, in case you can’t tell, I’ve started to do more video, so there’s a learning curve there.

If you’re hungry for content, I recommend cruising the Web Strategy category, most of these posts are designed to tell how to, case studies, or other resourceful information on web strategies.

Yes, been busy, so thanks for your patience.

Update: Oh yeah, I’m still sharing my items that I think you’d like to read in my Google Reader shared feed. If you haven’t subscribed yet, I encourage you to do so. Also subscribe to colleague Robert Scoble’s who I suspect reads more feeds than any other human. His shared feed is here.

Chatting with Doc Searls at the Mobile Identity Workshop


Some of the footage from the unconference that Doc Searls invited me to is finally up. Check out the text and picture capture of this Mobile Identity Workshop. I’ve been hearing a lot of Doc, recently hosted a great talk with podcasts, the one with Dave Winer on this NPR podcast both of which provide some very important messages.

In the following video, Doc tells us why Mobile Identity is so important, and why the format of the event as an unconference is undesigned to help promote dialogue from the mind trust of those attending.

If you’re reading this in a feedreader, check out the media post.