Social Media Evolves Music Creation

This is an interesting evolution. Mia Rose is a guitarist singer who’s performed songs that have taken off on YouTube, her latest video has 419,129 views. A drummer that she doesn’t even know adds his drum track on top of her singing, then a bass player adds his. You can witness this evolution happen on all the embedded videos here.

Social Media is letting the world connect and share and create wonderful things never before possible. (and yes, all without a record label) Shel, I hope you see this, could be great material for your new book.

If you click through to YouTube, you’ll see that individuals leave video comments back to the creators.

Mia Rose Solo:

Duet: Mia Rose with Drummer she’s never met:

Part 3: Trio: Mia Rose, Drummer she’s never met, and Bass Player she’s never met:

Conversations occur in many languages, this is just another example of how the web is bringing a musical conversation to life. This is beautiful!

I fully credit Pageman for literally putting all these videos on the same page.

Update Jan 27th: There appears to be some exposing and some backlash from some folks in the YouTube community suggesting that Mia Rose is a lonelygirl clone. In this video a screenshot of this blog is even shown on 1:47. Additional videos here. Be sure to read all the comments below.

Rolling Stone magazine has more.

What’s the truth? I have no idea, what’s interesting is the outcome of the three musicians. Is this a fraud? If so, then you’re really tarnishing the credibility of quite a few things I believe in.

  • That is really cool…think of all those labels, brokers, and middle men in Utah this weekend trying to score the next big thing…they could spend a little less money making the deal happen if they were paying attention to things like this.

  • Talent is sprouting up in many forms because of the internet. The story is not new, but I still get excited when I see things like this

  • Didn’t the guys from MyBlogLog also meet & create the company via the web? Also a pretty cool story (they sold to Yahoo!).

  • This is fantastic! Wow, now Mia can get a record deal and go on a tour. This is another example of the beauty of the web = connecting the right people easily. Where did you dig it out, Jeremiah? Made my night! 🙂

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  • Got it, Jeremiah. She’s very talented.

  • That comment went off before I could complete the comment. She’s very cool and the combo sounds like it practices together and with her for hours every day.

  • Yes, pretty cool.

  • This girl appeared from nowhere and had her ratings bolstered by a litany of bogus accounts that were literally created on the day of her arrival at youtube. Her talent is marginal at best, and while she has a marketable look, she is far from the best talent youtube has to offer.
    She has moved to LiveWeb following a number of videos exposing her as a media creation, and by some strange coincidence, unlike most youtubers who post videos, she has all of them archived?
    She is clearly a fabrication of media groups like yours, sir – and I think if you were being honest, you’d admit complicity on her creation.

  • captain obvious

    I’m not aware of the creation of her music, and frankly that’s not the point of this post.

    If she’s a fraud, fine. Let’s expose her.

    I’m still impressed with the drummer and bass player adding their own content on top this.

  • David

    Please take a look. That’s kinda dodgy..

  • kirsty

    ok im lost cause what is happein is 2 people are filling in her song and that called fraud? ok if so im totally against this website!

  • Why would you be against THIS website ( I’m not involved with Mia Rose in any way.

    Try reading my post VERY CAREFULLY. I disclose that I have no idea what is going on, sheesh.


  • Hi Jeremiah,

    thanks for the credits and elaborating on this web strategy. Miaarose might be the next lonelygirl but the globe-spanning, online collaboration that spontaneously came together is Proof of Concept that New Media can be created this way.

    How do I trackback to this post?


    The Pageman

  • Just link to me and it’ll show up

    Thanks for swinging by

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  • This is what the Internet was made for.
    People coming together to bring a sense of joyous / good feeling.

    In terms of the technology required to do this, it is great that are now products that allow people to mix audio locally.

    Not applicable in this case but there is the issue of licensing and mash-ups when it comes to sampling. Recently I advised an organisation on the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society and Performing Rights Society licensing laws. Amazingly, even if a 2 second sample is used, a royalty is due. It could be argued that this is a barrier to creativity. However, the rules also say that if a musician has given permission to use their track then it can be used royalty free.

    Credit to those who spent the time and dedicated themselves to working together without ego but just creativity in their hearts.

    i.e: although the track was manufacturered virtually, there is a true sense of raw energy and a positive vibe when you listen to it.

  • Jeremiah, Great job putting this together. Very insightful. This is just the beginning of social media collaboration. Many artists working together to increase the number of possible solutions and outcomes. Solid work.

  • Strange timing, as yesterday was the first time I met some of the people who work with me to put out a free online PDF magazine, Disposable Media (

    And that’s after about 16 months as Editor, and about 6 issues!

    (And DM definitely isn’t a fraud…)

    Even if the Mia Rose example is exposed as a fraud, I’ve heard of similar things happening for a while now – and it can still inspire others to give it a try.

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  • This is fantastic! Wow, now Mia can get a record deal and go on a tour. This is another example of the beauty of the web = connecting the right people easily. Where did you dig it out, Jeremiah? Made my night! 🙂