Guy’s favorite top 10 Marketing Voices Podcasts

Guy Kawasaki just published his top 10 favorite Marketing Voices Podcasts. As you know, my colleague Jennifer Jones is the founder and host of Marketing Voices.

I’ve always like Social Media Measurement with Peter Blackshaw with Nielsen Buzz Metrics, James Druckery’s Social Media Strategy for Seagate.

Questions for you:

Community matters here at PodTech, so we always want to know how we can make the show better, I promise you, myself, and Jennifer will read all of your feedback and analyze to make our products better. Seel free to shoot some feedback, we’re listening:

1) Which Marketing Voices Podcasts are your favorite and why?
2) What are some other Marketing Podcasts that you like? (FIR? Edgeworks, Jaffe? who?)
3) Who else should be on upcoming Marketing Voices podcasts
4) What are some things that could be approved?

See, I’m living my recommendations I give to all of you, let’s use social media to make better products and services in near real time!

  • Pete Cogle

    Hey Jeremiah,

    Have you, Guy or Jennifer considered CC Chapman’s “Managing the Gray” podcast over at iTunes or over at his website?

    Seriously worth a listen. I met CC when he was over here in London in November, and not only is he the producer of a marketing podcast, but also two music podcasts and is a big player in Podshow.

  • Adam Darowski

    ‘Sup, JKO…

    You know I’m a big Edgework fan, and I’d love to hear Jennifer interview Brian Oberkirch.

    Ryan Carson of Carson Systems would also be interesting. He’s got web apps, a multitude of conferences (including a new one called The Future of Online Advertising –, and just a bunch of stuff going on. He’s also based in the UK, but from the US, so there could be some cool perspectives there (since he does events in both continents).

    As far as my favorite Marketing Voices episodes… just want to provide a disclaimer for the above and below input that I’m not a “Marketing guy”… I’m a web developer. But I’m VERY interested in social media and community marketing (I’m not sure you even knew I was a web developer first!).

    So, some faves:

    - Guy Kawasaki was he best one I’ve heard – that one even caused me to blog about it

    - Other than that, yours (of course!), Godin, Michael Sippey (Six Apart), Scoble, Debbie Weil, and Peter Rojas stand out. And I swear she talked to someone from Feedburner, but I can’t seem to locate it. I remember liking that one, too.

    So, from that lists, it seems that my preferences are “rock stars” and those involved in apps, I suppose.

    Good luck.

  • jeremiah_owyang

    Adam thanks, this is good, I’ll share with Jennifer.

  • jennifer jones

    Hey Adam and Pete: Thanks much for the input on Marketing Voices. Very helpful. I will pursue the people you suggested. I am interviewing Dave Sipry CEO of Technorati next week and David Hornik who is the venture capitalist at August Capital who is behind alot of great social media investments like Six Apart. I will keep the idea of rock stars in mind as well as applications people as well Brian Oberkirk.

    A question: Do either of you have any thoughts on whether VIDEO is important for me to consider for MVOICES? Video is where PTech is headed and we have had many discussions about having MVOICES to to video. Any thoughts from anyone who is reading this blog post?

    Thank you!

  • jennifer jones

    oops misstyped…david sifry ceo of technorati…not p…

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