Apple, the Inverted Fortress

Now that the confetti is being swept neatly to the gutters after last week’s parade, the real residents of the technology main street are starting to appear with concerns about the Apple iPhone.

Walled Garden

Apple is taking heat, flack for being not willing to be an open platform like so many third party applications. The exclusive lock down (both in platform and with employees) is denoted by Brian.

TCO of iPhone

The real cost of the Apple iPhone is being speculated by Allen at quite a bit more than any amount you anticipated, do you want to spend up to 2k a year on a phone?

Expand inputs

Lastly, Uncle Dave Winer doesn’t want to be confined, both by the information we receive or the technology, so why should we?

A Marketing Company that happens to be in Tech
Steve Jobs is an excellent Marketer, the products requirements come from extensive Marketing Research, (product design comes after, BTW) and the advertising has been unique and innovative for decades. Yesterday, I challenged that the iPhone is being over hyped.

What do you think?