Is the iPhone all hype?

Chris Kenton suggests that iPhone is all hyped up. His Treo can do everything the iPhone can:

“But what does the iPhone bring to mobile phones? Everything the iPhone does, I can already do on my Treo. Sure, the UI looks streamlined and the package is pure Apple sex, but the mobile phone industry isn’t exactly lacking in revolutionary spark–a hot new design from Motorola, Samsung or Nokia comes out, what, every Tuesday? The iPhone won’t even be available until June.”

In the BlogHaus we streamed in the Steve Jobs keynote (yes we’re not just about CES as some folks are complaining) and some compared Apple to a cult with a slick Telemarketing sales guy.

On the other hand, Scoble said he wants one, and Teresa too.

Update: The buzz from this not yet released product hit Digg. People are bidding for a product that does not yet exist. $1550 and up, it appears eBay has removed this faux auction.